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  Do You Know, Why Our Company Is An Exceptional Solar Sales Company?


Floridasolarinfo items have been always contributing clean vitality to our planet. Since 2008, Floridasolarinfo modules are demonstrated to have a place with one of the world most dependable brands and are best decisions as far as high caliber, brilliant execution, and the whole lifecycle ensure. As a perceived trend-setter, our achievement underway, innovative improvement, quality control, and item execution recognizes us as a standout amongst the most dependable solar organizations on the planet.

 Floridasolarinfo solar conveys driving brilliant sun based vitality arrangements with demonstrated achievement references from more than 1GW of Sales around the Florida. With aptitude over the whole sun oriented vitality inventory network, we convey increasingly unsurprising and bankable PV vitality arrangements that expansion vitality yield and give stable lattice combination, bringing about system arrangements that augment esteem and limit the chance for our clients. As one of the all-around perceived sun oriented module providers and a start to finish lifecycle sun based power plant administrations supplier with more than 7GW of experience, Floridasolarinfo Solar conveys better system-level results over contenders. now, are you clear why we are an exceptional solar company?

Our Installers Only Use The Best Solar Products On The Planet

There are 4 main components to a solar panel installation: solar panels, racking, inverter and monitoring. The solar panels Florida Solar installs can generate 70% more energy in the same space over 25 years. We only install the best solar panels, racking, inverters, and monitoring software.

Solar Panels

Solar Panels

Florida Solar offers a variety of options for solar panels to meet the needs of home owners. All solar panels offered are the highest quality and most efficient panels on the market. As well as offer a 20-25 year manufacturer warranty. The power of the solar panels we install range from 280-360 Watts. They deliver maximum performance with premier technology.


Solar Panels

Depending on the panel you choose, we choose the racking that is best suited for that panel. We always consider aesthetics when we are installing solar panels, so you don't need to worry about racking showing on your roof. It will look seamless with your solar panel installation.

Inverter - Sunnyboy

Solar Panels

SunnyBoy is the leading residential inverter supplier in the United States. With their inverters, your solar panels are optimized even further for maximum solar panel energy output. This means your panels will always produce the maximum potential power even if there is shading, snow, leaves or bird droppings interfere.

Solar Energy Monitoring

Solar Panels

The best part about having a solar system is knowing it's producing power and being able to see and understand the impact it's having on your electricity bill. With Sunnyboy's PV Monitoring, you will be able to see the impact your system is having on the environment and timelined charts telling the power you're producing. Depending on your finance/purchase/payment options, you may have Sunnyboy monitoring.

  Do You Know, Why We Are Better From Others?


1.Our Project Improvement

Our project improvement and arranging process guarantees the achievement of the undertaking as indicated by a plan, from area investigation and endorsement forms through specialized arranging of usage. Our skill, experience, monetary and achievement 100% guaranteed.  We empower solar activities inter the United state.

2.Project Investment

Our solid monetary connections and profound information of neighborhood charge motivators empower us to guarantee that every client gets greatest come back from solar vitality. Regardless of whether your solar project is simply starting, Floridasolarinfo’s customized investment arrangements are prepared to lead your undertaking to progress.

3.Design and Engineering

We have developed all equipment for solar management in the united state. Florida Solar has created world-class development the executive’s capacities and accomplished an abnormal state of development execution with our experience and direct access to complex innovation from inside the organization.

4.Project Construction

We are (Floridasolarinfo) ceaselessly makes enhancements to development forms so as to expand establishment speed, lessen work costs and natural effect. And only we are the make better construction at low cost.

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