Our management team has decades of combined experience in the renewable energy arena. They have taken their expertise and are now bringing it to the best solar manufacturers on best solar panels on the market so customers can benefit from the advances made in the Solar Power Industry.

Email Address: info@floridasolarinfo.com

Florida Solar info is a site with a collaboration of several companies, information and products arranged and put together to deliver to the customer the information and knowledge necessary to make a well informed decision when going Solar.

Our experts range from Don and Joena at JET MARKETING SERVICES LLC, a FLORIDA Corporation, dba FLORIDA SOLAR INFO, who with their intense thorough knowledge of SOLAR and technology are tasked with putting together a robust informational medium through this site and by using social media such as YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn and by utilizing a wide variety of digital media campaigns and every electric device and tool imaginable.

Our goal regarding Going Solar, is to be your trusted expert. Our volume of business assures you, the customer, that whatever we convey is from actual experience.

JET has affiliated itself with top billion-dollar solar panel manufacturers such as Q-cells, Panasonic and Mission Solar, and highly rated billion-dollar inverter best solar manufacturers such as Sunny Boy and Enphase and Solar Edge as well as the very best 5 star rated installers on Google, Yelp and more in the SOLAR INDUSTRY, such as SOLAR ADVANTAGE in Florida, to assure everything conveyed to the customer is world class from the information we convey to the product installed.

Every step in Going solar with JET is done with creating a long term, care free business relationship between JET and the customer, our number 1 goal. We do so by working with only the best fully licensed and insured companies in the Solar Industry. Companies we are certain will be around to honor their warranties.